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Brigitte Bardot...the original bikini icon

APSARA Bardot Bikini

Treat your designer swimwear with care! Swimwear is constantly being exposed to elements such as chlorine, salt, sun and sunscreen lotions and whilst these are hard to avoid, a little care goes a long way to prolonging the longevity of your swimwear...  Lycra in swimwear is fragile and chlorine will wear it down, hot water permanently stretches the elastic and detergent and washing machines will finally destroy it!

Back to Basics

  • Rinse swimwear in cool water immediately after use to remove all traces of salt or chlorine.   Hand wash in cool water using mild liquid soap when necessary [imagine this is your favourite delicate lingerie!]  Do not soak for a prolonged time.  Do not use bleach as this will damage fibres. Squeeze gently to remove excess water.
  • Do not machine wash as this will break down Lycra and ruin bra cups.
  • Do not tumble dry as this can also cause damage to the elasticity of the swimwear.
  • Dry swimwear flat in a shaded place as lengthy sun exposure can colour fade fabrics.
  • Do not store wet swimwear in a plastic bag as apart from damaging the fabric, contact with hardware closures may also cause stains and discoloration.
  • Do not iron.
  • Avoid excess oil-based sunscreen lotions coming into contact with swimwear as these will stain.  If lotion does come into contact with the fabric, rinse immediately to minimize the risk of stains.

APSARA swimwear is made in Italy. The Murano glass is hand made in Venice and whilst a stunning focal feature, most importantly the stones are hard wearing and can be dipped in water.


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