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01 August 2013

Vogue UK 2002 - Photographer : Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott * Kate Moss

This vintage Vogue shoot evokes memories of an idyllic deserted island in Phuket and of my own 'castaway' experience. The day started happily and ended happily but there was a moment in time when before my eyes flashed all that I wished would quickly drift ashore if I had to spend a night under the stars awaiting rescue! My short story began to unfold when I was invited with a group of friends by one of the founders of the Amanpuri for a very spoiling treat of a day. Included on the itinerary was brunch on a tiny island - a narrow stretch of white sand fringed by palm trees bent by years of ocean breeze, where parasols and towels had been meticulously placed and to one side a thai culinary feast. A while later, amidst the chaos of twenty friends running in different directions to either explore another island on a second boat or snorkel or swim, I decided [and this is where the story in paradise unravels] to quietly slip away for some shell seeking only to return and stand clutching a pair of gorgeous mother of pearl shells in stunned disbelief... for where there had been laughter, now there was silence and only the footprints in the sand were a gentle reminder of earlier activity!

Castaway Island Essentials, in the 'Pucci' beach bag... according to a stranded apsara:

APSARA Resort Wear ¦ The Edit ¦ pucci beach bag

1] Chocolate...because when tears threaten a bar of chocolate soothes and cajoles and makes the heart smile! A packet of the appropriately named 'Dolfin' dark chocolate with pink peppercorns should work...

APSARA Resort Wear l Talk Edit ¦ Dolfin chocolate

2] An APSARA kaftan of course!
APSARA Resort Wear ¦ Capucine python print kaftan
APSARA Capucine python print kaftan... coming soon to the APSARA online 'bijou beach boutique'
3] a gorgeous swimwear style by my lovely friend Tara Matthews

4] Helen Kaminski rafia crochet hat

5] An elasticated headlight [I was first introduced to this by my guy when travelling in South America...I looked at it in horror at the time and lack of recognition but o no I suddenly mentally added this to my wish list... and a swiss army knife in case I had a sudden desire for coconut water!]

6] Institut Esthederm, a high-tech sun care line that offers Adaptasun Sea and Tropics Tanning Body Lotion with an Extreme Sun Three Star rating...protect the skin you are in!

7] BY TERRY Baume de Rose IP/SPF 15 - This melt-away balm, which has become a cult product, is a perfect SOS treatment to repair, nourish and protect the lips.

8] Espa Pink Hair & Scalp Mud - An intensely nourishing dry hair conditioning mud mask treatment to soothe, smooth and nourish using mineral rich red clays. Vitamin C-rich watercress and Apricot kernel oil soothes and nourishes your scalp, while the red clay stimulates circulation to help boost growth and strengthen and promote healthy, glossy, manageable hair.... because I think to look like Kate Moss when rescued is an essential!

9] a Kindle....with my favourite summer read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fiztgerald: an evocative portrait of the Jazz Age in all its decadence and excess.

10] and perhaps diving gear or snorkel and fins for extra entertainment value...whilst awaiting rescue! image: Daria Werbowy shot by Mikael Jansson

The moral of the tale: to always ensure your exit is as fabulous as your entrance - with style so that you are noticed as the individual you are - and to always walk through Life prepared for any eventuality, with an open heart and mind! x apsara



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