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Inspired by and in remembrance of a dearly loved father, Colonel Francis Graham-Bell, who was in the Fleet Air Arm at the end of WWII landing naval aircraft onto aircraft carriers and then a founder member of the Army Air Corps; whose stories were legendary and laughter filled; who understated his courage and instead always focused on the humour found in any given situation; who had my sisters and I stand up out of respect whenever God Save The Queen crackled over the BBC World Service; who installed the nose of his helicopter in our entrance hall, introduced us to 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines' and who was awarded the OBE with crossed oak leaves for extra gallantry by the Queen. Known for his charisma, fabulous sense of humour, integrity, positive spirit and kindness, he was a fabulous father and one whom I will always regard as my main mentor. He is very missed... thinking of all those who have stepped foward with courage into battle zones, and have either lost their lives or limbs. I just found this online! 23rd April 1965 when my father was awarded the OBE for Gallantry by the Queen...an extract: 'Lt Colonel Graham-Bell was commanding his squadron of fixed wing and helicopter aircraft in close support of the ground forces in South Arabia. He was never content to lead from behind; he flew for long periods without relief, was always the first to come forward for dangerous sorties into enemy territory, and on one occasion had his aircraft so badly damaged by enemy fire that it was flown back to base only through his exceptional skill. On another occasion when a helicopter had been forced down by enemy fire, he was the first on foot into an area still under fire to report on the damage and method of repair. His leadership and conduct was exemplary and contributed very largely to the success of operations in the Radfan' #army air corps #courage #proudofmypapa #love #miltarybrat

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