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my monthly musings and travel journal - an invitation to peek inside for insights and inspirations...because on this journey through Life ultimately we are all searching for where we find our consolations and our happiness and where, in the last resort, our treasure lies… so really this is an invitation to join me on a search for hidden treasures!     

I hope the next year brings your way gifts of Health&Happiness, Love&Laughter and all that is Fun&Fabulous, Fulfilling&Meaningful... whilst remembering that as long as we have the ultimate gift of health we are so fortunate as this is the foundation from which we have choices. I hope your time is spent surrounded by wonderful family/friendships/opportunities whilst taking time to stop, appreciate and give thanks for all the blessings. Let's all try to live each day consciously, make a positive difference when we touch the lives of others, give back to those less fortunate and embrace life with an open heart and mind! x apsara

samantha von huetz @ APSARA Resort Wear ¦ samantha graham-bell

★ the designer diaries... another production order in process... simply sharing the glamour of it all! Sometimes the only way is... to try the sample on myself... how short shall we go with the mini version of the Manon maxi cotton crochet tunic?! Super.Sexy.Short I think! x apsara #decisionsdecisions #behindthescenes #thegreatcoverup #cottoncrochet #SS14Bestseller