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my monthly musings and travel journal - an invitation to peek inside for insights and inspirations...because on this journey through Life ultimately we are all searching for where we find our consolations and our happiness and where, in the last resort, our treasure lies… so really this is an invitation to join me on a search for hidden treasures!

APSARA Resort Wear ¦ The Designer Diaries ¦ samantha von huetz

a busy month between Spain, the UK and the south of France...

APSARA Resort Wear ¦ The Designer Diaries ¦ samantha & niko von huetz

'wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving' Khalil Gibran - our wedding anniversary... #thejourneyofLife #honeymoon #love #lucky me, very lucky him! #happiness... individually & together as a couple. 15yrs and more in love than ever... cause for celebration! x apsara

APSARA Resort Wear ¦ cavan.com ¦ Designer Beachwear ¦ APSARA kaftan

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APSARA Resort Wear  The Designer Diaries